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I fondly remember attending my first yoga class in my early teens in a small dusty village hall, even at such a young age I noticed and enjoyed the physical and emotional opening during and after practice, this is where my passion began.


In 1999 I began practicing in earnest and regularly attended Ashtanga and Sivananda classes. The effects were more noticeable in adult life giving me increased energy and focus which helped me enormously in my challenging full time job. I was and still am able to approach and enjoy life calmly, something I want to share with everyone!

I have been teaching in Exeter since 2002 gaining my Teaching Diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2008, studying Physiology, Philosophy and Ancient History with Angela Ashwin over an enjoyable number of years.

I continue my personal development studying the many aspects of yoga and have enjoyed the teaching of respected teachers such as; Ranju Roy, Liz Lark, Paul Fox, Jane Sleven, Duncan Hulin from the Devon School of Yoga, Maarten Vermasse, Andrea Durant, Julie Friedeberger, Sarah Evans and Fran Allen.

Body Method

I have also been teaching Body Method for many years, these classes combine three disciplines; Callanetics, Pilates & Yoga to improve posture and core strength, isolating, strengthening then lengthening different muscle groups to help achieve a toned, firm body. These are friendly classes and a perfect introduction to the physical aspect of Yoga and suitable for all abilities and experience, even those who have had no experience of similar disciplines before and a little nervous of starting something new.

I work full time at Exeter College as the administrator of the Media and Performing Arts Faculty, in addition to this role I teach Yoga to students within the Faculty and also to cross college students and staff as part of their successful Enrichment programme.

My classes welcome students with mixed abilities and groups are kept relatively small to ensure maximum teacher and student contact. The aim is for the student to become the observer finding balance between ease and effort.

Please go to the class schedule page for times and prices or the contact page for further information on any of my classes.

Jax is a member of the British Wheel of Yoga.

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