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Body Method Classes

Combining three disciplines; Callanetics, Pilates & Yoga

For those who are a little unsure if Yoga is for them, Body Method is a great introduction and an effective form of exercise incorporating simple postures, pulsing of different muscle groups to achieve a toned, firm body with improved strength & posture. Targeting problem areas such as thighs, bottom & stomach you will feel the benefits almost immediately.

Although the focus is on the more physical elements of Yoga, these classes help to increase energy levels as a result of improved circulation but when at rest, help to improve sleep patterns from the awareness of breath throughout the practice.

Body Method is suitable for students of all abilities and experience; they are friendly, low impact classes which incorporate core stability, improving upper body strength and bring alignment to the body.

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Modified Pilates

A Body Conditioning System created by Joseph Pilates

Modified Pilates was developed from traditional pilates by physiotherapists. The 34 original pilates exercises have been clinically modified in to specific levels of difficulty allowing the therapist to prescribe exercises according to the individuals needs.

Modified pilates is a form of dynamic stabilisation retraining that reconditions the body from the central core to help prevent the recurrence of low back pain; as well as helping to alleviate neck pain, osteoporosis, sports injuries, postural problems, women's health problems and stress related illness.

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