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Because the Covid-19 situation is ever evolving, if you are interested in any of the following workshops please contact the teacher directly for further information, if you register your interest it will be more likely that the event will go ahead. We will endeavour to update the website frequently and guarantee your safety will be our priority so some of the events will be held online, please see below.






Iyengar Yoga Workshop  ~  with Isabelle Luterbacher

Sunday May 29  ~  10am to 4pm  ~  £40
Also on Aug 28, Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 20 and Dec 11

This is a workshop for those with some yoga experience who would like to deepen their practice and understanding of Iyengar yoga.

During the workshop we will explore pranayama (breathing techniques) using different prop supports to encourage openness, followed by asana practice (postures) focussing on techniques to establish greater alignment, depth and understanding of the asanas. Through the asanas we will seek to find better ways to manage the mind. Practicing with conscious awareness and a focus on alignment not
only facilitates the sustaining of the posture but holds the practitioner present within the practice.

This depth prompts mental focus, self-enquiry and opens the practitioner to the experience of yoga beyond its bountiful health benefits, so it becomes a practical philosophy that can support us in daily life. There will be a break between the morning and afternoon session.

Since completing her Yoga Teacher Training in 2003. Isabelle has trained intensively with senior Iyengar teacher Glenn Ceresoli, in London, Switzerland, Italy, Norway and Germany and she has also
completed his Level 1 Iyengar Teacher Training in Australia and Level 2 Teacher Training in India.

Please bring a mat, blanket, strap, blocks and any other equipment you will need.

For further information or to book your place contact Isabelle on 07403 374722
email or visit



Alchemy of Sound Practical Workshop  ~   with Nick Gent

Saturday 23 July  ~  10am to 1pm  ~  £35
Also on Sat 15 Oct - 10am to 1pm, Sun 6 Nov - 1.30pm to 4.30pm and Sat 10 Dec 2pm to 5pm
Advance booking essential, max. 10 places ~ booking closes 12 noon Fri 11 March

This is a hands-on practical workshop for learning and exploring the rich tapestry and alchemically transformative world of sacred sound. You will likely experience deep states of relaxation and healing during the session, but this workshop is not a sound bath as we will be learning how to use mantras and mudras practicing them together and delving deeply into potent visualisation and energy healing techniques.

Your teacher Nick Gent is a fully qualified and trained sound healer with many years of experience teaching to groups and individuals Internationally both in person and online as well as a lifelong musician and producer. Nick is also a druid and vajrayana practitioner having studied and practiced mantra from the age of 14 in this life and many previous ones before it.

Would you like to find new ways to connect with your spiritual path? or have a curiosity about sound healing ? Then please join us for the Alchemy of Sound workshop, and learn ancient techniques that have been shown to bring lasting results and profound personal development. During this workshop, you'll learn how to use sound as a tool for growth, balance and harmony. The aim is for you to be able to leave the class with a toolkit of techniques that can complement your existing practices or perhaps inspire new ones for your path of blossoming that you can simply and directly integrate into your everyday life.

All participants will be provided with handouts for the session and access to free downloadable audio tracks of the mantras and video demonstrations, plus discounts for any interested in 1:1 training and sessions.

For further information or to book your place contact Nick on 07447 451503
email or visit



Full Lynx Moon Heart-Opening Yoga Cacao Nidra  ~  with Tania Rose Fox

Saturday 13 August  ~  2pm to 5pm  ~  £30 (Earlybird until 30 July/ £35 full price)

Advance booking essential – spaces limited and advance preparation required
All levels of Yoga experience welcome including beginners

An uplifting, nurturing and delicious heart-oriented afternoon, this will be an afternoon mini- retreat, combining some Lunar Vinyasa Yoga (a nourishing fusion of Moon Salutes and holistic Hatha Yoga), indigenous wisdom from Mayan and Hawaiian traditions, a small serving of pure ceremonial-grade heart-opening cacao (the purest form of what becomes chocolate), and a deep guided blissful relaxation with a specially-written Yoga Nidra to transport you on a beautiful journey to tropical shores and beyond, deep into the ocean of life.

Tania is happy to be offering this beautiful workshop at the Lotus Loft – besides being a relaxing and heart-oriented Yoga workshop, Yoga Cacao Nidras offer you a gentle, unintimidating introduction to cacao as a sacred plant medicine. Tania is a highly trained and experienced cacao practitioner (since 2018) and Yoga teacher (since 2012); sharing cacao with the permission of and respect for her Mayan teachers and their traditions, as well as drawing on her earlier training in working with Amazonian cacao for plant spirit medicine ceremonies. Please note this session is different to Tania’s women’s sacred cacao medicine circles (which she continues to offer as well!), but if you would like to enjoy an afternoon of heart energy and cacao this summer, this is a lovely opportunity and no Yoga or cacao experience is required!

For further information or to book your place contact Tania at
or visit



Yoga Nidra Workshop  ~  with Julie Bladon

Saturday 17 September  ~  2pm to 4pm  ~  £25
Also on Saturday 8 October 10.30 to 12.30 and Sunday 6 November 10.30 to 12.30

Are you looking for a friendly relaxation class?
Are you looking for ways to de-stress and sleep better?
Are you new to yoga and wish to find an easy way into your practice?

Yoga Nidra is the deepest form of relaxation.

The yogic state of Nidra is beyond the waking state, past the dreaming state and is a form of sleep state where you are actually awake. The stillness of this practice brings incredible calmness, clarity of mind and deep nourishing rest.

In this 2 hour workshop you will enjoy a calming meditative yoga practice before embarking on a Yoga Nidra journey. You will be fully guided during the session.

All levels welcome including beginners. You will leave the workshop feeling renewed, energised, fully rested as if you have had a conventional sleep for a much longer period.  You will enjoy complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. When Yoga Nidra is practiced regularly, it brings a deep state of calm which transcends into everyday life. Even strenuous mental and physical activities will not feel as stressful when you have achieved this state of calm.

Come and try it for yourself!

For further information, online link and payment details contact Julie on 07754 983498
or email at



Full Hunter’s Moon Women's Sacred Cacao Medicine Circle*
~  with Tania Rose Fox

Sunday 9 October  ~  2pm to 5pm  ~  £35 (Earlybird until 25 Sept/ £40 full price)

Advance booking essential - spaces limited and advance preparation required

*As Tania has been deepening her cacao studies with indigenous Mayan spiritual guides and
learning more about authentic cacao traditions and practices, she is no longer calling these offerings "cacao ceremonies" – but these circles are essentially the same!

If you are a woman who’s interested in exploring heart-opening and spiritual connection to nature; if you wish to develop your ability to tune into your own intuitive wisdom; or if you are curious about exploring gentle plant medicine ritual practices for inner journeying, come and be guided on a deep inner journey with the assistance of an ancient sacred Mayan medicine – you will love this experience! If you enjoy the practice of Yoga Nidra you will find similarities also in the subtly but naturally altered state of deeply relaxed, expansive consciousness invoked during these inner journeys.

Cacao has a special power to help us unblock our hearts, to release emotional burdens – to let go of any “stones” you may be carrying in your inner bowl…So if you feel your spirit is in need of unburdening, cacao’s loving medicine can be a gentle yet potent ally! Tania shares cacao from a particularly deep, introspective, meditative approach, rooted in both indigenous Mayan wisdom and cacao traditions, as well as traditional plant spirit medicine techniques. Her circles are intimate, safe, gentle, compassionate gatherings for small groups, and she shares this sacred medicine with love and gratitude. In recent years, interest in cacao has exploded in the west, and contemporary western
cacao offerings can take many forms. A highly trained, experienced, insured cacao practitioner since 2018, Tania's work with cacao has always been rooted in both the earth-honouring spiritual traditions and wisdom of indigenous peoples, and the personal healing potential offered by communing with a gentle plant medicine.

Tania first connected with cacao strongly in ceremony in 2017, and undertook her apprenticeship training and initiation early the following year. She began sharing this medicine in ceremonies around Devon in 2018, drawing also on her experience of holding safe healing space for women as a yoga teacher since 2012. In early 2022 she embarked upon an in-depth training with indigenous Mayan teachers, to deepen the connection to cacao's ancestral traditions and Mayan culture, and to allow her to continue to share this medicine with integrity, respect for and the permission of these wise, humble and generous indigenous peoples who hold the true ancestral connection to sacred cacao.

Feedback from recent participants

"Thank you again for the ceremony. I always feel the deep nourishment of your cacao
ceremonies reverberating within for days, often weeks and months afterwards. This one was also transformative for me. I fell into a most blissful sleep on Saturday night. I am grateful"

"Thank you so much for a truly magical experience. I don’t have sufficient words to describe the depth of the experience!"

"This ceremony has been really, really powerful. I feel different. Once again, gratitude to you for holding these beautiful spaces that help so many women like myself"

"Thank you again for the most gently powerful experience I’ve had in a long time"

For further information or to book your place contact Tania at
or visit



Roll and Release  ~  Shoulders, Neck & Back  ~  with Dominique Preston

Saturday November 19  ~  2pm to 5pm  ~  £35

Do you hold a lot of tension in your neck and upper body?

Would you like to learn easy techniques to help relieve tightness and tension held in the shoulders, neck and back? If so, this is going to be for you. This workshop is going to be a soft and slow morning of myofascial release, restorative and yin yoga with specific focus on relieving tension and stress held around the shoulders, neck and back.

Fascia is a network of connective tissue that holds and binds us together, when healthy it gives us our bounce and rebound and keeps us feeling mobile and buoyant, but due to every day stresses and strains the fascia network can often become knotty, rigid and brittle, causing pain and restricted movement. In this workshop, we'll use techniques of direct myofascia release including gentle pressure, gliding and rolling to help rehydrate and replenish this wonderfully springy, fluid and buoyant body wide web.

We'll get the body moving, with some free, fluid intuitive movement; softening and moving our bodies in new ways, releasing restrictive patterns of movement and repetitive strain in the body. There will be soft yin to gently tease open the tissues and plenty of stillness and time in restorative positions to fully absorb and soak up all the goodness from this deeply nourishing and replenishing practice.

For further information or to book your place contact Dominique on 07971 206491



Teacher Training, Foundation and Post Graduate Yoga Therapy Courses at the Lotus Loft

We are delighted to host Foundation Courses and Post Graduate Yoga Therapy Courses with the Devon School of Yoga.
Please see below for contact details to register your interest or request further information

Post Graduate Yoga Therapy Courses with the Devon School of Yoga starting January 2023
This Yoga Therapy Course is a holistic approach for postgraduate teachers who wish to further develop their understanding of yoga as a method of therapy. The physical and mental benefits of yoga are widely recognised and this course explores the potential of yoga to improve health holistically.  01392 430573



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