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Workshops ~ Events ~ Teacher Training

Foundation‎ and Yoga Therapy Courses at the Lotus Loft
Booking essential ~ Please book early to avoid disappointment

Please contact the workshop teacher to book your space
We are delighted to share our space with the British Wheel of Yoga and the Devon School of Yoga, both offer a range of training courses to suit everyone. If you are interested in deepening your practice and would like more information contact us!



Yoga Sleep Workshop  ~  Yoga Nidra with Julie Bladon

Saturday 21 July ~ 10.30am - 12.30pm  ~  £25
Also on Sat 15 September, Sat 13 October, Sat 24 November, Sat 8 December

Are you looking for a friendly relaxation class?

Are you looking for ways to de-stress and sleep better?

Are you new to yoga and wish to find an easy way into your practice?

Do you have an established yoga practice and are looking to dive deeper into your practice?

Yoga Nidra is the deepest form of relaxation. The yogic state of Nidra is beyond the waking state, past the dreaming state and is a form of sleep state where you are actually awake. The stillness of this practice brings incredible calmness, clarity of mind and deep nourishing rest.

In this 2 hour workshop you will enjoy a calming meditative yoga practice before embarking on a Yoga Nidra journey. You will be fully guided during the session. All levels welcome including beginners.

You will leave the workshop feeling renewed, energised, fully rested as if you have had a conventional sleep for a much longer period. You will enjoy complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

When Yoga Nidra is practiced regularly, it brings a deep state of calm which transcends into everyday life. Even strenuous mental and physical activities will not feel as stressful when you have achieved this state of calm.

Come and try it for yourself!

To book go to Julie's online shop at, email
or call 07754 983498



The Art of Attention Yoga Workshop ~ with Laurie Cunningham

Sunday 29 July  ~  10am to 1pm  ~  £25

Join us for a workshop merging meditation, self-awareness and movement. An empowering practice supporting us to become fully aware of our physical form and helping us to notice patterns and
habits that have kept us in discomfort so that we can step into the true essence of ourselves.

Incorporating the Art of Attention into our practice through bending, stretching, inverting and twisting we can bear witness to our strengths and weaknesses and truly cultivate a deep understanding of ourselves.

For further information or to book your place contact Laurie on 07817 673064
or email



Summer Serenity Yoga Workshop ~ with Jill Hurley

Saturday 11 August  ~  10am to 1pm  ~  £28

A balance of cooling flowing Hatha Yoga sequences, nurturing Yin Yoga postures, re-energising Pranayama and deep relaxation.

Booking essential ~ Suitable for all levels.

For further information or to book your place contact Jill (British Wheel of Yoga)
on 07807 917369 / 01392 461804 or visit



Yoga For Lower Backs, Hips & Core & Yoga Nidra ~ with Tania Rose Fox

Saturday 11 August  ~  2pm to 5pm  ~  £25 (limited places, advance booking required)

This very practical workshop will give you plenty of exercises and techniques you can use to help release and relieve pain and tension in your lower back/hips, as well as learn how to build strength and stability in these often vulnerable areas. Since a weak core is often a factor, we'll also include some practices to create more strength there, as part of an integrated, balanced yoga practice. The first part of the session will focus on gentle yet powerful exercises and postures for releasing and strengthening these areas; followed by a more dynamic flow through some yoga asanas; and we'll end with a Yoga Nidra: a guided, deep relaxation to leave you feeling nourished, relaxed and blissful.

There will be a little theory along the way, mostly focusing on anatomy (western and also a bit about the subtle body - the lower energy centres), but most of this workshop will be led practices, suitable for all levels of experience including those with no previous yoga experience. Trainee and newly qualified yoga teachers have also found this workshop informative in the past, since there's lots of info about different types of issues relating to lower back and hips.

This workshop draws on Tania’s own personal experience of using yoga to heal her own chronic, repeated bouts of crippling lower back and hip pain in the past. What she shares in this workshop is based on what she knows has worked for her and can help others and detailed handouts of all the exercises and postures covered will be provided at the end so you can go home and continue working with these yourself.

Tania been running this workshop for several years in Exeter, and it always sells out so please
contact her well in advance if you'd like to secure a place! This is the only time she will be
running it this year. Investment: £25.

For further information or to book your place contact Tania at
or visit



Iyengar Yoga Workshop Day  ~  with Isabelle Luterbacher

Sunday 12 August  ~  10am to 4pm  ~  £40 (Payment must be made when booking)
Also September 23, October 28, November 11, December 9

This is a workshop for those with some yoga experience who would like to deepen their practice and understanding of Iyengar yoga.

During the workshop we will explore pranayama (breathing techniques) using different prop supports to encourage openess, followed by asana practice (postures) focussing on techniques to establish greater alignment, depth and understanding of the asanas.

Through the asanas we will seek to find better ways to manage the mind. Practicing with conscious awareness and a focus on alignment not only facilitates the sustaining of the posture but holds the practitioner present within the practice. This depth prompts mental focus, self-enquiry and opens the practitioner to the experience of yoga beyond its bountiful health benefits, so it becomes a practical philosophy that can support us in daily life.

There will be a break between the morning and afternoon session.

Since completing her Yoga Teacher Training in 2003. Isabelle has trained intensively with senior Iyengar teacher Glenn Ceresoli, in London, Switzerland, Italy, Norway and Germany and she has also completed his Level 1 Iyengar Teacher Training in Australia and Level 2 Teacher Training in India.

For further information or to book your place contact Isabelle on 01626 867057
email or visit



Sunday Morning Astanga Vinyasa  ~  with Andrea Durant

Sunday 19 August  ~  7.30am to 9.30am  ~  £15 per session
Also on 7 October and 4 November

A playful Sunday morning practice of the intermediate Astanga Vinyasa yoga series
~ Nadhi Shodhana

A guided dynamic practice for those with an established practice. Not suitable for beginners.

We will maintain respect for the sequencing and style, but adapt the postures and pace to suit all present.

For further information or to book your place contact Andrea on 07894 301019
or email



Heartwarming Yoga, Cacao & Yoga Nidra ~ with Tania Rose Fox

Saturday 15 September  ~  2pm to 5pm  ~  £25 (limited places, advance booking required)

A Delicious and Nourishing Yoga Journey

The shift from summer’s energy into autumn can be a challenging, so give yourself a boost with this cosy, heartwarming afternoon workshop! Yoga and cacao make a beautiful, heart- opening combination, and this workshop brings together all the nourishing power and sweetness of both, culminating in a special Yoga Nidra journey.

​The first part of the workshop will lead you through a range of gently energising, nurturing, heartwarming and restorative yoga practices, before we meet the power of cacao: superfood
for the body, medicine for the heart!

​After the physical yoga practices, we'll break for a delicious drink of traditional cacao (raw chocolate) potion mixed with various warming and sweet spices before you lie down for an hour of deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra and a guided journey, through the beautiful cacao forest and deep into the cave of the heart. Afterwards, as you return to your earthly body (!), share some delicious homemade organic raw chocolate. (And yes, Tania will share the recipe with all who come along!)

Tania has run this workshop several times around Exeter and it always sells out so please contact her sooner rather than later to secure your place!

Cacao is noted for its uplifting, heart-opening properties, so this workshop will include plenty to unblock and activate anahata chakra - the heart centre, the seat of love, warmth and compassion!

For further information or to book your place contact Tania at
or visit





What is the real Ha-Tha Yoga? ~ with Angela Ashwin

Sunday 30 September  ~  10am to 4pm  ~  £45 (refreshments provided)

A workshop designed for Yoga Teachers, Trainee Teachers and those wishing to deepen and develop their practice

The term Hatha Yoga is frequently used when no other description fits. People practice Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow or Restorative Yoga but other practices are often referred to as Hatha. The term Ha (=sun) tha (=moon) traditionally refers to clearing and balancing two major energy channels, ida and pingala, so that an opening into the dormant inner potential, sushumna, is achieved and life force, aliveness, prana spreads through the inner being.

~ What happens when our dormant inner potential awakens?
~ How do we know when or if it happens?
~ Can we feel prana moving?

This day will allow you to explore and experience those inner processes you may previously have only theoretical knowledge of. We will put ourselves in the shoes of the old Hatha Yogis to get a glimpse of what they felt when they formulated the teachings of: prana, nadis, vayus, chakras, granthis, kundalini and more.

Angela teaches British Wheel of Yoga Foundation and also the Teaching Diploma Courses. She
specialises in the spiritual meaning of yoga, as portrayed in the original texts. Students will learn, through the practice of yoga, to experience the body, spirit and the whole universe in a more meaningful way, and learn to share this with others.

This workshop contributes to continued professional development.

Spaces are limited so payment is required at time of booking. Please contact Jax at or 07989 409284 for more information about the day, booking terms and conditions or to book your space.





Autumn Sacred Cacao Ceremony ~ with Tania Rose Fox

Saturday 13 October  ~  2pm to 5.30pm  ~  £30 (earlybird until 20 September / £35 full price)
Advance booking required ~ Women only workshop

A cacao ceremony is a potent and beautiful experience, an opportunity to come together and experience heart-opening, emotional release and blissfulness in a different way to a yoga class, as Tania guides you on a shamanic journey with the assistance of the cacao plant medicine.

Sacred cacao can help you tap into and hear more clearly the voice of your own inner wisdom. We will drink a shamanic dose of ceremonial-grade finest cacao and you will be guided on a deep, heart-opening journey to connect with your inner guidance, drawing on the loving energy of the cacao plant spirit to help you find clarity and let go of any emotional blockages, negative or stale energy you are ready to be free of, so that you can experience greater clarity, a deeper sense of connection to and trust in your intuition, and step into greater openheartedness, joyfulness, empowerment and flourishing in your life.

Feedback from previous participants:
"Big thank you for an amazing experience. So rewarding to have a safe place to share honestly without judgement. Good to have time to reflect, assisted by the cards and ceremonial drink. It felt very positive and gave clarity to thoughts. Personally I feel I gained a great deal from Saturday's cacao ceremony."

"Thank you so much again for Saturday, what a powerful and enriching experience! Feel very blessed to have been there…The ceremony was an extremely nurturing and powerful process within a safe, beautiful group of women. You held and supported us a group with such grace, it was a truly empowering and life changing experience."

Please note this is not a yoga workshop;however, cacao is very compatible with a yogic lifestyle. If you would like to learn more about cacao and its growing and varied use in sacred ceremonies, please visit the cacao section of Tania's website which contains three pages on cacao, with lots of info including faqs on what to expect, the format of the ceremony, and who it's suitable for.

For further information or to book your place contact Tania at
or visit


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