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Yoga Classes



The Sanskrit word ’Yoga’ has many meanings but it is generally thought to have derived from the word root ‘yuj’ meaning to unite, yoke or join together. This union relates to the balance of mind and body to attain self enlightenment. Yoga is the practice of physical postures (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama) and relaxation. It is associated with a healthy lifestyle and a positive approach to life. There are many different ‘schools’ of Yoga with different emphasis on various aspects of the practice but most offer a way to restrain our wandering thoughts by bringing our awareness to a single focus, therefore allowing us peace and space. In the West we find it easier to minimise our thought processes by bringing our awareness to the body and breath.


Hatha Yoga

With awareness on co-ordination of breath flow and ease of movement to create a practice which will improve strength, flexibility, vitality and mental clarity to aid concentration. You will be guided though a variety of flowing and held Asana (postures) promoting alignment and grounding, increasing space and freedom creating a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. You will notice the benefits immediately, a direct result of the parasympathetic nervous system which reduces the heart rate, lessens muscle tension and brain activity.

All levels of experience, including beginners are welcome, students are encouraged to remain within their comfort zone and range of movement making this a class accessible to everyone.


Holistic Yoga

This is a focussed class following the traditional authentic approach coming from a holistic, eclectic background. Incorporating Pranayama (breathing practices), warm up movements then Asana (dynamic and held postures), relaxation and philosophy.

Suitable for students with some experience but not essential.


Anusara Inspired Yoga

Anusara Yoga is a style of yoga that combines detailed alignment with philosophy to help you build a strong yoga practice whilst cultivating a sense of calm.

Suitable for students with some experience but not essential.


Gentle Yoga

Ideal for students who are new to Yoga or are experiencing some injury or ailment which may restrict movement. Our teachers will guide you through a series of gentle movements with the focus on breath awareness so you can once again connect with your body.

Suitable for everyone especially beginners.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This practice teaches you to glide from movement to movement with heightened sense of awareness while improving strength and flexibility. Creating internal heat within the body, Vinyasa Flow clears toxins and promotes cardiovascular and respiratory health leaving you calm and centred.

All levels of experience welcome including beginners as modifications will be offered so students can tailor their practice.


Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar uses precision, alignment and sequencing poses, bringing attention into the body using action and breath as one.  These classes offer a good blend of dynamic, recuperative, breath and relaxation for a total overall effect. Iyengar is often taught as a course to allow each student to build and develop their practice. Please contact the instructor for more information about the course, dates and costs.

All levels of experience welcome.


Women's Yoga

This class was started for the Women's Network but is open to any woman who is interested in a gentle breath focused Hatha Yoga class to relax and restore balance and energy.


Pregnancy Yoga

Each mother deserves to be nurtured and cherished during her pregnancy. Pregnancy Yoga classes provide a warm and supportive environment to guide you safely through every stage of pregnancy, preparing you for labour and birth. The classes aim to equip you with the knowledge necessary to address common pregnancy ailments and potential physical, mental or emotional obstacles, giving you the confidence and strength to bring new life into the world.

Suitable for complete beginners and more advanced yoga practitioners from 14 weeks onwards.


AcroYoga Practice Group

Acroyoga requires strength, balance, flexibility, communication, trust, practice, practice and even more practice! The Yoga element of AcroYoga reflects not only the physical but the mental and spiritual disciplines of traditional Yoga. The 'Acro' element of Acroyoga incorporates gymnastic techniques to improve strength, flexibility, trust and teamwork.

There are three roles in an AcroYoga practice; The 'Base' - the person who has the most contact with the floor for maximum stability and support of the 'Flyer'. The 'Flyer' - the person who is supported by the Base. The Flyer moves through a variety of dynamic postures requiring balance, confidence and core strength. The 'Spotter' - this is the individual or individuals who ensure the Flyer lands safely in case of any slips. The spotter can often see more clearly where the Base and Flyer can improve their form which in turn can help with their own posture when they become the Flyer or Base.

This fun practice group will inspire you, increase confidence, strength and energy levels. You will be encouraged to listen to your body throughout and take breaks anytime you feel like it. You are welcome to bring a friend but you don't need a partner as you'll partner different people.

To attend this group you must have an established Yoga or AcroYoga practice.

Contact Jules on 07446 968994 or yogawithjules@hotmail.co.uk


Flow Fusion Yoga

A dynamic and invigorating combination of hatha, vinyasa flow and kundalini yoga. This class is excellent for those who want a strong physical practice that is both uplifting and grounding. We will flow through energetic sequences and use powerful kundalini kriyas to strengthen and energise the body; combined with deep stretches, mindful breathing and meditation to calm the mind and bring you into a deep state of relaxation. Classes are accessible to all levels and modifications of postures will be offered so students can tailor the practice to their own needs.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is practised lying down and combines powerful body-mind relaxation and meditative self inquiry. Be supported, held and and nourished as you touch a place of extra ordinary rest and vibrant health. Antar Mouna is a sitting practice which reduces stressful thoughts and emotions, cultivates witnessing, peace and increased self awareness.

Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

Mondays can set the tone for our whole week, Emma’s intention for this early Monday morning class is to hold a space for you to observe mind and body, connect with where you are at at the start of your week, explore, move, energise and learn. Emma loves to encourage creativity in her classes, each class will be sequenced using Dynamic Rocket, Mandala or Strala methodologies, moving and exploring in a way that feels good for your individual body. Anything is possible on a Monday morning, you may just find yourself flying!

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as practiced by Yogi Bhajan is a science of mind and body and is designed to bring you to a state of awareness and experience a higher consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga helps us to shed light on our blocks to growth, our attachments to the past and fear. When practiced, properly and consistently, through specific sets of postures, called kryias, chanting and vibration of sound called Naad during the meditations and Kriyas helps to strengthen your body and it’s functions such as your nervous system, balancing your glandular system, purifying the body and calming the mind. In a session the combination of the above and breath work, guides the energies of the body and mind to shift and achieve positive change.


Meditations and Kundalini

Yoga These can be simple by being aware of your breath and chanting a mantra, or more elaborate where there is a specific breath, mantra and mudra that work together to balance different aspects of the mind and body. The result of the latter, when done regularly over a period of time can leave you feeling blissed out, with a sense of connection and joy.

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